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RECIPE: General Lando chest & arms, Luke head, Ponda Baba legs, Ceremonial Leia cloak.

The story of how this figure came to be is actually the same story for 3 figures.

After doing Lando in Stormtrooper Disguise, I had some Stormtrooper legs (and General Lando chest & arms) left over, so I decided to make a Cruise Missile Trooper and a General Crix Madine.

I changed Luke's hair slightly and added a beard. I know that Madine did not carry a shoulder holster but I think it looks cool. He would otherwise have no weapon. Madine's coat actually hung lower than the belt so I added a section of coat using Leia's cloak. The belt & buckle was made out of sheet plastic. SOme slight color changes were reqired too.